Staking LP tokens

This page explains how to stake GASP/GETH LP tokens (Proof-of-Liquidity) from the Gasp app user interface.

If you are a liquidity provider for GASP/GETH pair, you can stake your LP tokens by delegating to one of the Gasp collators. To start providing liquidity, check out the Add & Remove Liquidity guide. You can learn more about Proof-of-Liquidity from our Litepaper.

  • Step 1: Go to the ‘My Positions’ section from the user interface. Switch to the ‘Staking’ tab and click ‘Start Staking’.

  • Step 2: You will see the current list of Collators in Proof-of-Liquidity. Select the collator that you want to stake to from the list and click 'Start Staking'.

  • Step 3: Enter the desired amount of the stake and proceed.

You successfully staked your LP tokens!

To manage your stake, you can go to My Positions and switch to the staking tab. You can add more LP tokens or remove your stake from this page.

For other ways to delegate LP tokens you can check out our technical guide on Delegator Guide.

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